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918Kiss Update | 918Kiss Download | Latest Update To The 918Kiss App

918Kiss Update

We have heard the news that the 918Kiss Casino is going to have an update real soon and we would like to be the first to announce to you all get prepared for this coming 918Kiss update. The thing is, we are not even sure when exactly is the latest 918Kiss update is going to take place. So just be prepared and make sure that you are not playing at 918Kiss Casino during the update as we are worried that you might have issues later on. Get the latest 918Kiss update here at 918Kiss Malaysia.

If you’re not a member yet, please do sign up and register as a member today. It’s free so why not do it right now? Not to mention, the 918Kiss update will affect both the 918Kiss APK and the 918Kiss iOS. We will find out when is the exact date and time for the 918Kiss update and we will let you all know again soon. We suspect that it would be real soon. Most likely within this month. Just keep coming to our blog posts and you will know if we have found anything regarding the 918Kiss update time and date.

918Kiss Update – What To Expect?

Based on what happened the last time, you will need to expect a server maintenance lasting for about 24 hours. So, you will not be able to log in or play at 918Kiss Casino. During the previous 918Kiss update, no one was able to access the 918Kiss App and after the previous 918Kiss update, the updated version seemed a little laggy due to the traffic of players trying to log in all at the same time. We would advice that you get the 918Kiss update done but do not play right after the update has been completed. If you play, we are worried that you might face a laggy gaming session at 918Kiss Casino.

918Kiss Update – In The Meantime

Since we are not sure when the 918Kiss update will be held, you may just continue playing at 918Kiss Casino and try out our strategies. We will assist you by providing you with some fun money making strategies on here. Take your time to enjoy these strategies while waiting for the 918Kiss update. We will post an article on here if we have found out the date and time for the 918Kiss update. If you are worried about losing your own money while playing with our strategies, you may get the 918Kiss free account and use it with our strategies. You will be given free credit in the 918Kiss free account to play at the games in it. Everything in the 918Kiss free account is similar to the original 918Kiss App.

Tilt The Poker Dealer

This is a winning strategy for three card poker at 918Kiss Casino. Once you have entered the three card poker game, play with one hand first. Play for 10 rounds and calculate out of these 10 rounds, how many times did you win the dealer. If it is less than 7 times, you might want to try opening an extra hand. This is to help make the cards more spread out. Meaning to say, if you are playing one on one with the dealer and you open another slot, it would be like you’re taking the dealer’s hand.

So, if the dealer keeps beating you, keep opening an extra hand but there is a limit at 918Kiss Casino. The maximum limit for you to play at the three card poker game is 3 hands. You will not be able to play with more than 3 hands. But not to worry, we can also adjust your betting style. What you need to do is bet lesser on the Pair Plus Bet and bet more on the Ante and Bet.

Example, if you place RM50 on Pair Plus Bet, be sure to place at least RM250 on Ante and Bet each. This is because the Pair Plus Bet bonus is hard to get. No matter what it is, if the dealer folds, you will get paid on the Ante bet. So that’s why we’re asking you to bet more on the Ante instead of the Pair Plus Bet. You may even try to bet only on just the Ante and Bet. Don’t even bother on placing any bets on the Pair Plus Bet.

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