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918Kiss Test Account | Try New Things With The 918Kiss Test Account

918Kiss Test Account

Tired of playing at 918Kiss Casino and keep losing money? Feel like playing but don’t feel like using real money? Get the all new 918Kiss Test Account app today! You will be given about 1500 free credit to play with and if you lose, it doesn’t matter because it is just 918Kiss Free Credit. You can try so many new things while using the 918Kiss Test Account. One of the fun parts of having the 918Kiss Test Account is that you could play at the maximum bet. If you lose all your 918Kiss Free Credit, you can always request a top-up from the Live Chat team.

918Kiss Test Account – Get It While It’s Still HOT

Register now at our casino and get your 918Kiss Test Account for free today. Even the registration is free! Not to mention, if you register now as a new member, you will be able to claim the new member bonus. It will come in the form of 918Kiss Free Credit and it will be added in to your 918Kiss Account. To register, all you have to do is just click on the 918Kiss Register button and then you will be on the registration page. Just fill in the blanks and submit. After submitting, wait a few moments while the Live Chat team approves your registration. It’s that simple!

918Kiss Test Account – Don’t Have The App?

No worries if you don’t have the 918Kiss App. You may download it from our site right here. With the 918Kiss App, you can use the app to log in to your 918Kiss Test Account. If you plan on getting the 918Kiss App, all you have to do is just click on the 918Kiss Download button and it will bring you to the download page. If you’re an Android mobile phone user, just click on the Android button on the download page and accept the download. After that, make sure you click on the Install button. You will notice the 918Kiss App on your phone once you are done. For the iPhone users, just follow the steps provided on the download page and you will have the 918Kiss App in no time.

918Kiss Test Account – Try This Out!

With more than 180 games in 918Kiss Casino, you wouldn’t be able to play all 180 games in a day. You’ll probably need a month. Today, we will feed you with some tips on playing at the roulette table. Now, click on the roulette game and get ready to make money. Once you are in the roulette game, you’ll need to segregate the whole roulette table to a half and half. Meaning to say that the numbers closest to zero are one half and the numbers closest to five is the other half. You’ll need to split the roulette board in to two places.

After doing that, now monitor the previous results. View the latest 10 results. If the numbers that appear are all in the zero section, you may bet on the numbers in the zero section. If it’s all in the five section, you may bet on the numbers in the five section. My personal advice is, place more bets on the zero section as the numbers there always come out. There is also a next level betting for this technique. Previously, I mentioned that you’ll need to split the roulette board in to two, right?

For this next level betting technique, you don’t have to split the board in to two. Take the zero section and place your bets only on five numbers to the right of zero and five numbers to the left of zero and place a bet on zero itself. The returns are high because you have reduced your places to bet on. This goes the same for the five section. You’ll need to bet on five numbers to the left of five and five numbers to the right of five and five itself.


With this guide, you will be able to register by yourself as well as download the 918Kiss App by yourself. Not only that, you will be able to use your 918Kiss Test Account and try out a winning strategy for roulette. If you’re confident enough, we suggest that you try out this strategy with real money. Don’t even bother about using the 918Kiss Test Account to play at the roulette table because who knows, what if you win? If you win at the 918Kiss Test Account, you wouldn’t be able to cash out your winnings but if you’re playing with real money, you’ll be making withdrawals of up to RM2,500 a week.

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