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918Kiss Malaysia | Real Life Winning Experiences In 918Kiss Malaysia

918Kiss Malaysia

The number one online casino in Malaysia is still currently 918Kiss Casino and you can download the app here at 918Kiss Malaysia. There are so many versions of the app right now. If you’re using an Android mobile phone operating system, you may opt for the 918Kiss APK. However, if you’re using an Apple device, you may opt for the 918Kiss iOS. Recently, there is a new discovery that you can even play at the 918Kiss Malaysia Online Casino on a computer. I did share a post about this previously.

The title is 918Kiss PC Download. Read all about it if you want to play 918Kiss Malaysia Online Casino through a laptop or desktop. Today, I will share with you all some of the experiences from players who have won at 918Kiss Malaysia casino games. You might want to follow what they do in order to win more at 918Kiss Malaysia Online Casino. But no matter what you do, make sure you are playing the game that you like. Don’t force yourself to play a game that you are not good at or unfamiliar with.

There are over 140 games in the 918Kiss App. Take your time and try out each until you find something that suits you. With the latest update of the 918Kiss Malaysia App, I believe that there will be no issues when you play at 918Kiss Malaysia Online Casino. Let me just tell you that you don’t really need a huge capital to win, with the right winning strategy and some capital to play, I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine.

918Kiss Malaysia – Play To Win Experience

Let’s start with the winning experiences from players. This was emailed to me not too long ago. It was shared with me by a player who is very active in baccarat and he wins everytime he plays. In general, you would wanna place bets on the Banker. You may start by placing small bets on the Banker to test whether it is safe to bet on the Banker or not. But the Banker takes a small percentage if you win.

You may try with RM50 or RM100 on the Banker. If you win after 4 rounds, you might want to switch to the Player for 2 rounds. If this works, meaning to say that you have won at the Banker for 4 rounds in a row and then when you switch to the Player and win 2 rounds in a row, you’ll need to place a bigger bet on the Banker. You may place about RM500-RM1,000.

I would suggest that you just place RM1000 and save up all the trouble because if you win, there will be an extra RM1000. After this round has passed, you may place RM500 on the Banker. If you win, you may now stop and count your winnings. I believe that if you were to bet all the maximum amounts that I have told you so, you would have gotten RM2100 in winnings by now. You may continue and repeat the process if those winnings are not enough for you.

918Kiss Malaysia – 99% Winning Rate Experience

This involves the game of roulette. So everyone knows that roulette has 37 numbers to bet on. But, on which number would you bet on. Simple, place on everything except one number. This means that you place your bet on 36 numbers and leave 1 number out. Instead of thinking which number the ball will fall on, why not think the other way around and do not bet on 1 particular number? Based on the statistic of the table that you are at, find the “coldest” number.

The “coldest” number means that the number that the ball seldom falls on. Place an even bet on all of the numbers except the “coldest” number. In this way that you are doing, you will have a slow and steady win every round. What you should keep an eye on is the “coldest” number. If the statistic changes, make sure to switch your “coldest” number too. Don’t always stay on the same number. By using this technique, you will win in the long run.

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