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918Kiss Login | What Should You Do After Downloading The 918Kiss App?

918Kiss Login

For those of you out there that have already downloaded the 918Kiss App, you will be thinking how do you actually log in to the 918Kiss Online Casino and start playing. Not to worry, you can get the 918Kiss Login guide by click HERE. Since it’s still the festive season of Chinese New Year, make sure you keep on the look out for bonuses such as the 918Kiss Ang Pao or membership bonuses provided by the online casinos. We recommend that you take a look at 711BET Online Casino as they provide one of the best and lucrative bonuses ever. You will have a hard time picking the bonuses before you play, so I will just list down some of the bonuses below.

918Kiss Login: Casino Bonuses

Let’s start with the “100% Welcome Bonus.” For this bonus, you’ll need to deposit at least RM50 and you can only withdraw a maximum of RM688. You will be receiving 100% bonus payout based on your deposit. Next, will be the “Deposit RM70 Get RM110 Bonus.” This bonus is pretty clear cut as you need to deposit RM70 and you will be credited RM110 in to your account to play with.

The minimum deposit for this bonus is RM70. Moving on, the next bonus will be the “10% Top Up Bonus On Every Deposit.” To receive this bonus, you’ll need to make a minimum deposit of RM50 and the maximum withdrawal will be RM888. This bonus is applied to existing members ONLY. You will get a 10% extra based on your deposit and it will be credited to your account.

Last but not least, will be the “20% 7-11 Super Bonus.” This bonus is applied to existing members ONLY and it is valid from 7 PM to 11 PM ONLY. You will be required to make a minimum deposit of RM50 and the maximum withdrawal will be RM888. If you are a member of 711BET Online Casino, you will receive an extra 20% based on your deposit amount.

And remember, you can only make a maximum withdrawal of RM888. So please be aware of this. Since there are so many bonuses being provided on 711BET Online Casino, what are you waiting for? Why not sign up or register as a member right now? Click HERE if you want to register as a member. Good luck and have fun playing with the free credit and bonuses!

918Kiss Ang Pao

There is one more secret bonus to keep on the look out! It is the 918Kiss Ang Pao bonus! This bonus is for a limited time only and it doesn’t appear every day. Even I don’t know when is the online casino giving out the 918Kiss Ang Pao. Just make sure that you keep on the look out for this rare bonus. It will be given out randomly somewhere in the middle of the night on random days. This is the only information that I personally know. So please be on the look out! Not to mention, the 918Kiss Ang Pao cash prize is random and I have heard of players who received RM500 as a cash prize.

918Kiss Test ID

For those players out there who haven’t tried 918Kiss Online Casino before, you can always request for the 918Kiss Test ID and start playing for free. It’s a free trial test app. Just for you to try out the games in it and to test how much you could win in a single game and also to try out what are the bonuses of that game is like. There are many things that you can try out with the 918Kiss Test ID. Take your time and try everything out with it. You may request it from the Live Chat team but make sure you are registered as a member first.

918Kiss Login: Winning Rate

With so many players right now cashing out with cash every single day, I dare to say that the winning rate is very high right now so my advice to you people out there is to start making money with 918Kiss Online Casino. If you don’t believe me, you can always talk to the Live Chat team and ask them what’s the “cuci” rate. In this week itself, there are about 5 big winners from 918Kiss Online Casino. Each of them cashed out with about RM15,000 each. So don’t just sit there and read this, start signing up as a member then download the 918Kiss App and start making money!

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