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918Kiss Kiosk | Make More Money By Becoming An Agent Of 918Kiss

918Kiss Kiosk

Did you know that you can be an agent of 918Kiss Online Casino? Yes, you can always apply for an agent ID and then log in to the 918Kiss kiosk. By being an agent of 918Kiss Online Casino, you can create multiple player ID for players, add credit to players, suspend players and the best part is you can rake commission from your players.

To obtain an agent ID with 918Kiss, you’ll need to go online and search for an online casino then speak to the customer service and tell them that you want to be an agent with 918Kiss. However, to log in to the 918Kiss kiosk after having an agent ID is pretty simple.

Just key in at the URL bar and search. The page will redirect you to the official 918Kiss kiosk for agent login. At the 918Kiss kiosk login page, fill in your username and password then click on the green Login button. That’s all there is to it. In this post, I will briefly mention what you can do and shouldn’t do in the 918Kiss kiosk.

918Kiss Kiosk: What You Can Do

If you have plenty of friends playing at the 918Kiss Online Casino, you can always set up an account for them. So this would mean that they are your personal downline. What are the benefits, you may ask? Well, you can get a commission if they play with the account you set up for them. It’s not much but just try to imagine if you have like 50 players under you and you get like RM50 per account.

That’s a total of RM2500. And the statement issued by the company of 918Kiss Online Casino is every week. Which means you will earn RM2500 per week. In a month, you stand a chance of earning RM10,000. You can also suspend those player accounts under you. Just a friendly advice, you should suspend the players that owe you money or either haven’t clear their debts with you.

However, if you wish to keep on crediting them, it’s up to you. This will help you save up some losses just in case your player doesn’t ever pay you back. Additionally, you can top up credit on your player’s account if they wish to play with more credit but make sure they pay you first before you proceed with crediting them. So I have already listed the important things that you can do at the 918Kiss kiosk. Let’s move on to what you shouldn’t do.

918Kiss Kiosk: What You Shouldn’t Do

A good rule of thumb here is that you should NEVER credit your players. This is to prevent a great loss to you. Why? Because I have seen 918Kiss agents who have debts amounting to RM20,000. So, the best way to prevent this is to NOT credit your players.

Make sure they pay beforehand and then only set up an account for your players or add credit to their 918Kiss account. This is the most important piece of advice that you should know and shouldn’t do. In addition, you shouldn’t create an account for yourself to play too. But if you really want to play, make sure you are able to limit yourself.

However, if you want to create an account just to try out the games in 918Kiss Online Casino, may I suggest that you get the 918Kiss Test ID. This will prevent you from any losses when testing out the games in 918Kiss Online Casino. You can get the 918Kiss Test ID for free by requesting it from the customer service team.


Now that you know about the 918Kiss kiosk and how to get the agent ID for 918Kiss Online Casino, why not get it now and start opening accounts for your friends and start earning the commission? Get as many players as you can and earn up to RM10,000 a month! Be sure to take note of what you shouldn’t do at 918Kiss kiosk. I wouldn’t want to see you in a big loss. If you have friends who want to download the 918Kiss App, you can refer to my previous post on 918Kiss Download.

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  • I am very much interested to become a scr agent because mainly i like the industry,secondly i have alot of friends and members who love to play scr and also i have people who i know that gambels every day in their lifes…thirdly is because of course i would want to get some extra income.

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