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918Kiss iOS | 918Kiss Download | Which iPhone Best Suits 918Kiss iOS?

918Kiss iOS

The 918Kiss Online Casino has created 2 versions of the 918Kiss App to cater the Android mobile phone users and the Apple mobile phone users. The 918Kiss Apps are 918Kiss APK and 918Kiss iOS. Previously, I have talked about the best Android smartphones to download and play the 918Kiss APK but today, I will discuss the 918Kiss iOS. There are so many versions of the iPhone today but which iPhone is the best to download the 918Kiss iOS and which is the most suitable to play the 918Kiss Online Casino.

To those of you who want to get the 918Kiss iOS for free, you can always download it from here for free. Just ask the Live Chat where to get the 918Kiss Download link or how to download the 918Kiss iOS. They will gladly assist you. I have personally asked the 918Kiss Casino Company what’s the latest version of the 918Kiss iOS app? Is there a 2.0 version of the app? And will there be any new versions of the 918Kiss iOS app in the near future?

The answer is, no. Currently, there are no new versions of the 918Kiss iOS app. The ONLY and LATEST app is this 918Kiss iOS and we already have the link to download the app. However, they are not too sure if there are any updates or upgrades to the 918Kiss iOS app anytime soon. Let’s move on to the best iPhones to use while playing at 918Kiss Online Casino!

918Kiss iOS – iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is one of the latest phones from Apple and it was officially launched in September 2017. The iPhone 8 is 148 grams in weight and it’s lighter than the iPhone X so this makes gaming at 918Kiss Online Casino much easier for you. It’s always better to use a lighter phone while gaming so you won’t get tired of holding the phone if your gaming session goes up to more than 2 hours.

It is dust and water resistant and it can go 1 meter underwater and it will last underwater for 30 minutes. This will make gaming at 918Kiss Online Casino a whole new experience for you as you will be able to bring your iPhone 8 in the shower or underwater and try playing. The iPhone 8 is 4.7 inches in size and the display screen has a multitouch sensor making you able to press anything during any time while playing at 918Kiss Online Casino.

The iPhone 8 has Ion-Strengthened Glass as well as Oleophobic Glass which makes the phone more durable and sturdy. This will benefit you because if you are gaming and you accidentally drop the phone, the phone wouldn’t break or the screen wouldn’t crack. Due to this, if you are winning a round in the free spin bonus section, you will get fully paid as your phone didn’t shut down nor the game got disconnected.

918Kiss iOS – iPhone X

The iPhone X was launched a month later than the iPhone 8, in October 2017. It has almost similar specifications with the iPhone 8. In terms of weight, the iPhone X is at 174 grams which is just slightly heavier than the iPhone 8. However, the size of the iPhone X is bigger than the iPhone 8 and it’s at 5.8 inches which will make your gaming experience better as you get a bigger display screen to play with.

You may also bring the iPhone X to the shower or underwater while playing at 918Kiss Online Casino because it is also water resistant, same as the iPhone 8. The glass on the display screen is scratch resistant. So, this will make it better for you as you are playing on a clear screen without any scratches. If you compare the iPhone X’s platform with the iPhone 8, the chipset, CPU, and GPU are way better than the iPhone 8.

I would love to talk more about the platform but it will take up too much time. All you need to know is that the platform is more than sufficient to download and play the 918Kiss iOS app. You will have no hiccups or issues during your gaming session. The iPhone X is the best choice for downloading and playing the 918Kiss iOS app. However, if this phone is out of your budget, you may consider getting the iPhone 8 to play at 918Kiss Online Casino.

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