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918Kiss Free Credit | 918Kiss Casino | Play At The Official 918Kiss Casino

918Kiss Free Credit

Right now, there are not many places that are offering the 918Kiss Free Credit. Here at 918Kiss Malaysia site, we are offering you the chance to grab the 918Kiss Free Credit. However, there are some requirements that you’ll need to fulfill first. It’s easy. Register or sign up as a member with us and then only you will receive the 918Kiss Free Credit. Claim our free credit as we are the official 918Kiss Malaysia representative. A small piece of advice here, if you claim the 918Kiss Free Credit from another site and if it’s not genuine, you will not be able to use the 918Kiss Free Credit to play.

But here at 918Kiss Malaysia, I assure you that we are genuine and you can use the 918Kiss Free Credit to play at 918Kiss Online Casino. If you haven’t got the 918Kiss App yet, please do download it as soon as possible. Another thing that I would like to point out to you players out there, is that the 918Kiss Free Credit is not the only free credit that you will be able to claim. There are many other bonuses and promotions to be claimed too!

918Kiss Bonus

As I mentioned above, there are also many promotions and bonuses in 918Kiss Malaysia. These are sort of like member bonus or new member promotions whereby if you register at my casino, you’ll be given extra credit to play with at 918Kiss Online Casino. There are too many bonuses to list down, so I would suggest that you have a look at our Promo page and view it for yourself.

The bonuses at our casino can be as low as RM148 or it may go up to a 344% return based on your deposit. For more information, please ask the Live Chat crew about the promotions that are currently available for you. They can also guide you in downloading the 918Kiss App as well as help you to register as a member. Don’t wait, sign up now and enjoy the benefits!

918Kiss APK

To those of you who are looking for the official 918Kiss APK download link, you may click on the 918Kiss Download button and it will bring you to the download site. If not, just use this link, If you don’t know what are the steps to download or you are in search of “how to download 918Kiss APK”, just look back at my older articles. I believe I have written down a guide before this. The 918Kiss APK can be downloaded on all Android phones.

Not to mention, the 918Kiss APK is more stable than the 918Kiss iOS. I will briefly talk about the 918Kiss iOS. The 918Kiss iOS and 918Kiss APK functions the same, has the same amount of games in it and looks the same as well. The only difference is when you download the 918Kiss iOS app. It’s a different method from downloading the 918Kiss APK. For a more detailed guide, you may visit my older article on “how to download the 918Kiss iOS.”

918Kiss Jackpots

In the 918Kiss Online Casino, there are only 2 jackpots. The main jackpot prize is at the 918Kiss Login page. It will be displayed on the game menu. The jackpot will always increase in value every second. 918Kiss Online Casino is adding RM0.01 every second to the 918Kiss Jackpot. Currently, the total amount is at RM2,960,700 and accumulating as we speak. The second jackpot is the 918Kiss Minor Jackpot where you’ll receive it randomly during your gaming session at 918Kiss Online Casino.

I have received the 918Kiss Minor jackpot before. Let me just share my experience with you all. Last week, on a hot afternoon day, I was bored so I decided to try out the slot games at 918Kiss Online Casino. While playing for almost an hour, I nearly lost all my 918Kiss Free Credit but at the last minute, when I thought all is lost, I suddenly received the 918Kiss Minor Jackpot.

I was spinning the reels for an approximate of 50 minutes. Suddenly, my screen froze and my phone was vibrating all the way. It appeared that I have gotten the 918Kiss Minor Jackpot. The amount was RM8,000 and it was instantly credited to my 918Kiss account credit balance. I immediately cashed out right after I got it. I was so happy that day. This is my story, create your own by playing at 918Kiss Online Casino.

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