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918Kiss Free Credit 2018 | 918Kiss Malaysia | Free Credit Up For Grabs!

918Kiss Free Credit 2018

Have you been searching for 918Kiss free credit for a long time? Looking everywhere but nothing comes up? Here, we are providing the 918Kiss Free Credit 2018 for everyone but it’s for a limited time only. So don’t wait and claim your 918Kiss Free Credit 2018 right now. All you have to do is just register as a member at our casino and then we will deposit the 918Kiss Free Credit 2018 in to your 918Kiss account.

You will be able to use the free credit to play any of the games in 918Kiss Online Casino. Once you win enough, you can immediately withdraw the cash out from your 918Kiss Casino account. Make sure you speak to our Live Chat personnel and get the 918Kiss Download. If you do not download thru our links, you will not be fulfilling the requirements to obtain the 918Kiss Free Credit 2018.

918Kiss Casino Winning Tips: Roulette

Roulette is one of the best games to play at 918Kiss Casino. Here, I will guide you in to some neat tricks to win the game but let me just say in advance that there is no 100% sure win technique. There are 37 columns on the roulette board. Let’s divide it into 3 sections from the roulette board. Section zero will consist of numbers starting from 22 to 25 on the roulette board. Section one will consist of 1 to 9 and 6 to 17.

Lastly, section 5 will consist of 27 to 33. With these 3 sections spread out, you will have a better understanding of the game and how the odds will go in your favour. Among these 3 sections, section one pays out the most if you bet on all of section one’s columns. The second highest payout will be section 5 and the lowest payout will be on section zero. A good winning tip here is to keep betting on section 5 because of the payout and there are more columns compared to section one.

If you get greedy and always bet on section one, the odds are not in your favour because there are fewer columns in section one. You can play it safe by betting on section zero but the payout is not as lucrative as section 5. The payout on section 5 if you bet RM90, you’ll get back RM270. That’s only RM7.50 per column. It’s totally worth it. Try this out and let me know your winnings.

918Kiss Casino Winning Tips: Blackjack

For this tip, you’ll need to focus on the dealer’s hand first before playing this game. Monitor it for a few rounds first before betting your own hand. I need you to be aware of how the cards are running. Try to notice if there is a trend. Example, the simplest way to notice a trend is when the dealer gets good hands alternate rounds. Let’s take 10 rounds into the count. For the first round, if the dealer’s hand is good, mark it as strong.

For the second round, if he gets low point cards, this means that he is weak so mark her as weak. If this kind of play keeps taking place, you should enter on his losing hand and bet at the maximum. Using this trick requires you to be alert, so please do not get distracted by any other things while playing using this technique. Make sure you bet on every round but for his strong hands, bet the minimum and for his weak hands, bet the maximum.


If you don’t trust my winning tips, you can always use the 918Kiss Free Credit 2018 to test out my winning tips on these games. But as I mentioned previously, there is no such thing as a sure win strategy. You’ll need to try out a couple of winning strategies on just one game. Find out which will work and which will not. Another good tip here is that you can always download those free casino games with no real money while playing them on your Apps Store or Google Store. Try them out and master those games but if you win, you can’t cash out. Might as well just use the 918Kiss Free Credit 2018, right?

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