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918Kiss Free Credit 2017 | 918Kiss Test ID | Get 2017 Free Credit To Play

918Kiss Free Credit 2017 – Claim It NOW!

Every player of 918Kiss Casino have been searching for the 918Kiss free credit 2017 and now it is here to be claimed. There are plenty to go around so don’t worry if you’re too late for this. Just make sure that you follow my simple steps here so that you are eligible to claim the 918Kiss free credit 2017. Firstly, register as a member, then download the 918Kiss App, then acquire the 918Kiss Test ID. Lastly, request for the 918Kiss free credit 2017 from the Live Chat team. Simple and easy. Anyone can complete these steps. Claim it now or forever regret. If you don’t have a phone to download the 918Kiss App or your phone has insufficient memory, you can always get the 918Kiss PC Download and play the 918Kiss Casino on your computer.

918Kiss Free Credit 2017 – Easy-Peasy Steps To Claim

The first step to claim the 918Kiss free credit 2017 is to register as a member of our casino. So what you’ll need to do is speak to the Live Chat crew and tell them that you want to register as a member. You may also visit the registration page and fill up your details there but it’s more comfortable speaking to someone. Then, you’ll need to download the 918Kiss App. You can click on the 918Kiss Download button or ask the Live Chat crew for assistance on this.

Once you are done, you’ll have the 918Kiss App on your phone. Now, you’ll not be able to log in as you do not have the 918Kiss Test ID. Request for the 918Kiss Test ID from the Live Chat crew and use that ID to log in to the 918Kiss App. You will be able to notice that your credit balance in the 918Kiss Casino is around 2000. This is because of the 918Kiss free credit 2017 bonus. If you did not receive the free credit, please notify the Live Chat crew regarding this matter.

918Kiss Free Credit 2017 – No Phone To Play?

Like I mentioned above, if you do not have a phone or if your phone does not have sufficient memory to download the 918Kiss APK or the 918Kiss iOS, you may get the 918Kiss PC Download. This will allow you to play at 918Kiss Casino on your computer. Do not worry, I will roughly guide you here on how to get the 918Kiss PC Download. Alright. Let’s start. Make sure your computer has an Internet connection.

Now, search on Google for Android simulators. Pick one and download the Android simulator on your computer. Once you have the Android simulator, use it to download the 918Kiss APK. After getting the 918Kiss APK in the Android simulator, you will be able to start playing at 918Kiss Casino. If you still don’t know how to complete this procedure, you can refer to my post on 918Kiss PC Download. You can use the 918Kiss Test ID to login and start enjoying the free credit.

918Kiss Free Credit 2017 – What To Do With The Test ID?

The sky is the limit here. You can do so much with the 918Kiss Test ID. Try out all the strategies that you can find or just try the winning strategies that I have previously published on this site. I have plenty of proven winning strategies here and you don’t have to worry. One of the best games to try is the 918Kiss Baccarat. There are so many strategies to use in this game.

I shall share one with you. So your credit balance will be 2000. Place 1000 on Banker then wait for the results. Once you win, bet all your winnings on Banker again. Keep doing this on Banker and remember how many rounds it can last. Play until you finish all your credit. After calculating how many rounds it can go, now record it again for another 5 rounds. The reason that you’re doing this is to calculate the odds on Banker.

After you are done with 5 rounds, repeat this step on Player and calculate the odds. See which has better odds and take note of it. Once you know which is the winning side or which side has better odds, you may try with real money but I suggest that you don’t place such a big bet. You might want to start with an amount that you are comfortable with.

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