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918Kiss Download iOS | Winning Strategies For 918Kiss Casino

918Kiss Download iOS

Everyone knows that 918Kiss Casino is the most played online casino in 2018 but are there any winning strategies to be used? The answer to that is yes. There are plenty of strategies but I will only show you the proven winning ones. Get the 918Kiss download iOS for Apple devices to try these winning strategies. You’ll never regret it as the 918Kiss download iOS provides the smoothest gameplay. You may get the official 918Kiss download iOS link from the Live Chat squad.

If I’m not mistaken, there is the 918Kiss Free Credit that is still up for grabs. So don’t wait any longer, sign up and register now so that you’ll be able to claim the 918Kiss Free Credit. Since there are so many games at 918Kiss Casino, I will not have enough time to explain all the winning strategies for each game. I will just mention a few proven winning strategies below.

In addition, you guys can also get the 918Kiss Hack and use it with my winning strategies to maximize your profit. However, if you are uncertain that my strategies would work, you can always opt for the 918Kiss Test ID or 918Kiss Free Play whereby you’ll be given free credit to play with but you can’t cash out with that balance. But it’s the safest way to try out these strategies.

918Kiss Download iOS – Win At Baccarat Now!

Let’s start with the all-time favourite casino table game of baccarat. This strategy can be used at both the 918Kiss Casino or any other casino that has the baccarat game. If your capital is RM5000, on the first hand, place RM300 at Player and then place RM50 each on Player Pair, Banker Pair and Tie. This will cost you a total bet of RM150 for Player Pair, Banker Pair, and Tie.

Added with the initial bet on Player, this will amount to RM500. If you win, replace the bets again. However, if you lose, you may switch to betting on Banker instead. Use this strategy for 2 rounds and then take a break and analyze the statistic of the results. After analyzing the results, you may place your bet wherever you feel necessary but the twist now is that you raise your bet.

You might want to double up your bet. For example, at the first round, you placed RM300 for starters. Now, use RM600. For everything else, just double up since you have a bigger capital and it’s foreign capital. Meaning to say, if you lose, it’s not even your money because it is what you won previously.

918Kiss Download iOS – Be The Shark At Three Card Poker

Now, we shall talk about Three Card Poker and there are many ways of playing this game. Either you prefer single hand or with 3 hands because the 918Kiss Casino allows you to play with a minimum of 1 hand or a maximum of 3 hands. Let’s start with a single hand. When playing, there are 3 locations to bet on which are Pair Plus Bet, Ante, and Bet. If your capital is RM3000, place RM300 on Pair Plus Bet and then place RM1000 on Ante. You will not be able to place on Bet yet.

Once you click on Deal, you will be able to see your cards. Whatever your card is, just click on the Call button and place RM1000 on Bet. The reason behind calling with any hand is because the dealer can only call if he has Q or higher and he will most probably fold his hand if he gets lower than Q. So why not give it a try since you are at 918Kiss Casino anyway. If you didn’t hit anything at Pair Plus Bet, it’s fine because your normal bets on Ante and Bet will recover that loss.

This goes the same if you are playing with 3 hands. Just follow the same strategy that I have provided you with if you are playing all 3 hands. A good advice here is that you should only play 3 hands if you are playing a single hand and your cards are not that good and the dealer always wins you with better cards. That’s the time when you know you should play with 3 hands if not just try with at least 2 hands.

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