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918Kiss Company | 918Kiss Casino | Find Out More About Us

918Kiss Company

The 918Kiss company has been in Malaysia since the start of 2018 and it is a well known online casino in the whole of Asia. If you are already a player of 918Kiss Casino, you would know about its incredible payouts in the slot games section. It has more than 190 games available and all of the games are hackable. You will be able to obtain these hacks online or through forums but not here because we are the official agent of the 918Kiss company. As a part of their team, we are not allowed to post any hacks on our blogs.

We work very hard on trying to catch scammers of the 918Kiss company or those who pose as fake agents of the 918Kiss company. If you have been scammed previously by any other 918Kiss agents, please state their name and number in the comments section below. Don’t forget to include the full bank account number. As well as the name on the bank account in the comments section below. As the official agent of the 918Kiss company, we want to get rid of all the imposters and con men out there.

For new users of the 918Kiss Casino, it was called SCR888 Casino previously. It has been in Malaysia for about 5 years now. You may get an account with 918Kiss Casino by clicking on the 918Kiss Register button on our website. The registration and download of the app are free of charge. Not to mention, if you sign up as a new member, you will be able to claim the new member welcome bonus here at 918Kiss Malaysia.

918Kiss Company – Agents

For those of you out there who want to be an agent of the 918Kiss company, you can always register with us. Just make sure that you are a member and you can request for anything from 918Kiss Casino. We are offering agent IDs now and you may get it for free if there is still quota left available. Beware of fake kiosks and other people who are trying to impersonate as agents of the 918Kiss company. If you are already an agent of the 918Kiss company, the agent login site is It is also known as the 918Kiss kiosk. You will be able to create a new account for your friends who want to play at 918Kiss Casino.

918Kiss Company – New Members

There will be two available promotions for new members. So once you sign up and register as a member at 918Kiss Malaysia, please do the request for the 918Kiss free credit welcome bonus. You may use the 918Kiss free credit with our winning strategies because all of our strategies have been tested and proven with sure win results. You will never have to work a day in your life again if you are using our strategies. Find them in our blog posts. We have plenty of winning strategies posted daily. Get the best from us and earn the max with us. We have everything here on 918Kiss Malaysia. Not to mention, if you are already an existing member of our casino, there are also plenty of promotions available for you too! Start redeeming today and play with the 918Kiss free credit.

918Kiss Company – Be A Winner Today!

With so many winning strategies being posted online every single day, we too have our own. The only difference that you may face with our strategies is that you will win for sure. By using those being posted randomly online, you will not be certain that you make money. It’s even worse if you lose money by using random strategies. We highly suggest that you read our posts and use them instead of others. Just take a look at our posts and you will know. We are the leading website on google if you key in 918Kiss in the google search bar.

There are over 100 sites to choose from. If you are interested in getting the 918Kiss account but how many of them are legit like us? Please do not fall for scams such as free credit given in big amounts by other companies. We are the official 918Kiss company agents and you may try redeeming our free credit if you don’t believe us. We do not hold back any of your winnings and surely perform a withdrawal for you, unlike most online casino.

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