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918Kiss Club | Join Now And Redeem The 918Kiss Free Credit

918Kiss Club

Join the 918Kiss Club today and reap the benefits of this membership. The 918Kiss Casino has opened up a few slots today for a lifetime free membership. You may register as a member by clicking on the 918Kiss Register button or ask the Live Chat about the registration. They will certainly guide you in registering. The ultimate goal of being a member of the 918Kiss Club is that you’ll be able to claim the 918Kiss Free Credit. There are so many bonuses available at our casino and as you can see, there are more bonuses available for the existing members. If you are a new member, there are two bonuses that you can choose from.

Slot Games Tip

With the 918Kiss Free Credit, the best place to spend it is in the slot games section. You may pick any of the slot games at 918Kiss Casino. All of the slot games only require a small amount of capital to play but the rewards can be massive. With just RM1 bet per spin, you stand a chance to win up to RM150. Please do take note on this, every time you enter a slot game, be sure to set all the paylines to the maximum. This way it would be much easier for you to get something while you’re spinning the reels. After that, the next thing that you should do is set your bet per spin to the minimum.

Since you are using the 918Kiss Free Credit to play, you wouldn’t have such a big capital to play with and the best option for you is to play with the minimum bet per spin. Once you have gained more money, you may then raise your bet per spin. The most strategic way to play this is to raise your bet per spin after every free spin bonus round. Depending on how much you have won in the free spin bonus round, you may raise to the level of bet that you are comfortable with.

Baccarat Tip

This is a very simple game to play. There are only two main slots to bet on which is the Player and the Banker. Once you are in the baccarat game, I need you to pull up the previous results and try to find for winning streaks. Example, when you look at the Player column, notice how long do the wins go for. If there are at least 5 wins in a row, then you have your winning streak there and try to follow that winning streak. However, if the winning streak is on the Banker, follow the Banker then.

If the results alternatively show the Player and the Banker and then the Player and then again the Banker, follow this trend by betting on the opposite side. Let’s say that the Banker has just won, you should place a bet on the Player for the next round. If it’s showing the Player with 3 wins in a row and then the Banker with also 3 wins in a row, then you should follow this trend by betting on the Player for another 3 more rounds if the Banker has just finished its 3 win streak.

Three Card Poker Tip

This is another common casino table game. In the 918Kiss Club, you will be able to play with a maximum of three hands. Once you enter the three card poker game, play with a single hand first. Place a bigger bet on the Ante and Bet. For the Pair Plus bet, you should place a smaller bet. Example, if you were to bet RM1,000 on Ante and another RM1,000 on Bet itself, you should place about RM200-RM400 on the Pair Plus bet because the Pair Plus bet is not that easy to strike a bonus with.

So the best way to play this is to place a lower bet on the Pair Plus bet and place more on the Ante and the Bet. Please keep in mind that the dealer will fold his hand if he has lower than J. The odds are that the will keep folding his hand because it’s not that easy to get good hands. In the event that the dealer is always getting good hands, you can always open another to play with the dealer.

This means that you’ll be playing with more than just one hand. Since there are 3 slots available for you to play, you can always play for more than one hand. Depending on the cards you get, if you are always getting junk cards, you should start opening an extra hand. If that doesn’t work out for you, you may play with all 3 hands.

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