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918Kiss Club | Enjoy The Benefits Of Being A Member At 918Kiss Club

918Kiss Club

What are the benefits of being a member of the 918Kiss Club? We will tell you all about it here today at 918Kiss Malaysia. Join now if you’re not a member yet and reap the benefits. You will be given monthly 918Kiss free credit and also enjoy deposit bonuses! Not to mention, if you sign up right now, you’ll be given RM100 worth of 918Kiss free credit but this is only while stocks last. Be sure to register right away and if you don’t know how to, just click on the 918Kiss Register button. Once you have registered as a member of 918Kiss Club, just inform the customer service agent and claim your RM100 918Kiss free credit. Not to mention, you’ll also get bonus points if you play at 918Kiss Casino.

918Kiss Club Promo

In total, there are currently four major promotions that are available. Two new member bonuses and two existing member bonuses. Let’s start with the first new member welcome bonus which is the Deposit RM30 Get RM80 and the other new member welcome bonus is the Deposit RM80 Get RM130. For the existing member bonuses, the first one would be the 18% Unlimited Bonus Payout and the other would be the 8% Unlimited Bonus Payout. For more details regarding these promotions, please visit our promo section on our website to find out more. If you haven’t register as a member, please do it now. It doesn’t mean that you can only claim the new member welcome bonus, you can also get the bonuses for existing members.

918Kiss Club – Sure Win Tips

Get started on your way to big wins with our tips. Here, we will guide you in the game of baccarat. Once you are in the baccarat game, be sure to open up the past results and look closely at the latest 20 rounds. See whether the Player or the Banker wins more. If the Player wins more than the Banker, place your bets on the Player or vice versa. If you predict there would be a winning streak for the Player, you’ll need to carefully raise your bets. Let’s say that you predict the Player to win so you’ll most definitely place a bet on the Player.

So you placed RM500 on the Player and you win. For the next round, raise your bets to RM1,000 and place it on the Player again. If you win, place all of your winnings again on the Player. This will help you get RM4,000 in total. Now, for the following round, please be careful. If your gut feeling tells you that the Player will win again, place all of your RM4,000 on the player and if you win, that’s a total of RM8,000. However, if you’re not confident about the result, place RM500.

If you’re not sure where to bet, you might as well not bet and skip that round. But once you hit the 3 or 4 streaks, please restart this strategy again. The safest bet is to go for a 3 round streak because 4 will be a little bit risky. You may stop playing and cash out once you hit the RM16,000 mark. That’s just 8 rounds of this winning technique. Not hard if you ask us but it takes a little calculation and a bit of your time to see the results.

918Kiss Club – After Winning

What should you do after winning so much money? You may go on a holiday or maybe even buy yourself something or both. The RM16,000 that you win can be obtained in just a day. If you follow our method for at least 3 times a week, you would make RM48,000 by the end of the week. And if you go on for a month, that would be RM192,000. You can buy a decent car by the end of the month. Go on like this for a year and that would be RM2,304,000. You probably can get a house by the next year. Register today and start your road to riches now! If baccarat is not the game for you, there are other games available at 918Kiss Casino and we have other winning strategies to go with it.

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