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918Kiss Casino | 918Kiss Download | Turn Your Free Credit To Winnings

918Kiss Casino

Currently, the most established online casino in Malaysia is the 918Kiss Online Casino. The players of 918Kiss Casino have voted that this online casino is their most favourite place to play. The 918Kiss Online Casino was previously known as SCR888 Online Casino. Due to its popularity, the company has decided to rebrand itself and change its name to 918Kiss Casino. There are more than 180 games in the 918Kiss Casino app. Today, I will let you guys in on a little secret which is how you can turn your free credit to huge winnings. However, to claim the 918Kiss free credit, you may refer to my previous post on how to claim the 918Kiss free credit. Then, use that free credit to win a huge sum of money and cash out.

918Kiss Download

Before I move on to winning with your free credit, some of you might not have the 918Kiss App yet. So, I will guide you on how to download your 918Kiss Casino App. All you have to do is just contact the customer service agent thru the Live Chat bar and ask for the 918Kiss Download link. If not, you can ask them to manually guide you through the 918Kiss Download process or you can look at my previous post on how to download the 918Kiss Casino app. Beware of fake links or unofficial links for the 918Kiss Download as it will disrupt your gaming sessions at 918Kiss Casino. I assure you that our download links are all official.

918Kiss Free Credit

Many of the players are always searching for the 918Kiss free credit. You may even try to get it from our casino. Just sign up or register as a member and you will be given the free credit if it’s not finished yet. You may also request for the 918Kiss Ang Pao from the Live Chat team and they just might give you if it’s still available. I’m not sure how long is the 918Kiss Chinese New Year period is going on for but till then, you may always try your luck. If all else fails, you can always go and visit my previous post on how to claim your free credit from 918Kiss Casino.

918Kiss Casino: Free Credit To Huge Winnings

Alright people, the moment that you all have been waiting for. Okay, so you have already claimed your 918Kiss free credit but you don’t know which game to spend it at. Usually, the 918Kiss free credit is just a few bucks and I know it is very little but don’t worry, I have it all planned out. Login to the 918Kiss App and just glance thru the slot games. Pick the slot game that you are most familiar with and set the paylines to the maximum.

Now, set the bet per spin to a minimum. Click on the Autospin button and start spinning the reels. Wait patiently till you get in to the free spin bonus round. It will not be too long, I’m pretty sure. After you completed the first free spin bonus round, increase your bet per spin to at least 10x. For example, if you were spinning for RM0.25 before the first free spin bonus round, you may want to spin for RM2.50 after that.

Wait till you hit the second free spin bonus round. Once you have completed the second free spin bonus round, you’ll have roughly about RM500-RM800. You might want to decide whether you want to continue playing or just cash out with what you have. If you want to cash out, you may stop reading from this point on but if you want to continue and win more, please proceed to the next paragraph.

918Kiss Casino: Extreme Spinning Level

Now, with the remaining balance that you have, in my estimation, it would be about RM500-RM800. Here’s what you do. The playing style remains. You set the maximum paylines but here’s where it gets interesting, set the bet per spin to RM50. DO NOT click on the Autospin button. Manually spin the reels by yourself. This way you can calculate how much is your win-lose rate.

If you are losing all the way for the first 5 rounds, I suggest that you stop and cash out because I don’t want you to lose everything. However, if you get something in between those 5 rounds, please proceed until you get in to the free spin bonus round. This will be your final free spin bonus round because if you win, with RM50 bet per spin, you are 100% going to be winning 5 figures at least. Good luck and have fun, my dear friends!

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