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918Kiss APK | 918Kiss iOS | Get The 918Kiss Free Credit Bonus

918Kiss APK

The latest update from 918Kiss Online Casino is in the form of an app. The company has just launched 2 new apps. It is called the 918Kiss APK and the 918Kiss iOS. And as of right now, there is a bonus to be claimed on some of the online casinos which is the 918Kiss free credit. How do you obtain the 918Kiss free credit?

Well, it’s pretty simple but you should hope that it is still available. I surveyed online and found out that if you download the latest 918Kiss APK or 918Kiss iOS, you stand a chance to get the 918Kiss free credit. All you have to do is just go online and pick an online casino that is offering the 918Kiss free credit when you download the 918Kiss APK or 918Kiss iOS.

After downloading, just wait for the online casino to credit your 918Kiss account with the 918Kiss free credit. Be aware that NOT all online casinos are offering this bonus. Only certain ones do. So before you download the 918Kiss APK or 918Kiss iOS, make sure it says there that you’ll be given the 918Kiss free credit once you download the app.

918Kiss Free Credit

This part right here is plan B if you can’t get the 918Kiss free credit by downloading the 918Kiss APK or 918Kiss iOS. You can always check out for promotions or bonuses on the online casinos. Some are offering plenty of 918Kiss free credit when you register as a member or if you deposit some amount of cash with them.

One of the most attractive online casinos would be the 711BET Online Casino. They offer lucrative bonuses and promotions when you sign up with them or deposit at least RM70 with them and you get extra RM40. I have tried it before and once you deposit with them, they will instantly credit you the amount into your 918Kiss account.

Don’t just take my words for it, try it yourself right now. Not only that, I came across 711BET Online Casino because a friend of mine introduced me to this site. They are extremely reputable and trustworthy. Just to share with you guys, my friend has cashed out with RM68,000 previously.

918Kiss Test ID

In the 918Kiss Test ID, you’ll definitely get lots of free credit here. But unfortunately, you will not be able to cash out with the credit because this is just for you to test out the app and the games in it. What you can do is run a few trials on the games and calculate the highest winning percentage or calculate which slot game has the highest payout. This will eventually help you when you are playing with real money.

By knowing the slot game that pays the most, I would advice you to play there just because it has high payouts if not why play in the first place right? Then, once you figured out the game with the highest winning percentage, you can also make extra cash there. No loss at all. In fact, it’s a big win for you. To get the 918Kiss Test ID, all you have to do is just request from any customer service agent of an online casino. It’s as simple as that!

918Kiss App

For those of you who do not have the 918Kiss App, you can download it for free by referring to my personal guide the 918Kiss Download. Please make sure that you register for an account with 918Kiss Online Casino before downloading the 918Kiss App. Once you are done with the registration and download, if you are facing problems logging in to the 918Kiss App, you can check out the 918Kiss Login post. That will show you the login steps to the 918Kiss App.


Many players out there will not know what to do once they receive their 918Kiss free credit and instead just simply gamble it away. Well, I have an excellent idea of what you can do to expand it. But, I will only share it on my next post and keep in mind that it will make you richer for sure! In the meantime, go redeem your 918Kiss free credit first before the online casinos run out of it!

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