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918Kiss Agent Malaysia | Apply For Free 918Kiss Agent Malaysia ID Today

918Kiss Agent Malaysia

Why do you want to be a player when you can be the agent? Today, 918Kiss Malaysia giving out free membership passes for those who are interested in getting the 918Kiss Agent Malaysia ID. Just click on the Live Chat bar and request for a 918Kiss Agent Malaysia ID and if it is still available, the customer service agent will get it done for you. With the 918Kiss Agent Malaysia ID from us, you can set the maximum position taking of 50%. This means that if your customer or player loses RM10,000, you’ll make RM5,000 because you have 50% position taking.

So, if you set all of your position taking to 50%, you’ll earn half of all your customers’ losses. If you have five customers who lose RM10,000 each, you’ll make RM25,000. It doesn’t matter how much your customer is playing for, the most important thing is that you have plenty of players or customers. You also don’t have to set the position taking to 50% for all of your players, you will be able to adjust it. You can set the position taking to 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% depending on what percentage you are comfortable with.

918Kiss Agent Malaysia ID

Okay, since we have already mentioned the most important thing you can do with the 918Kiss Agent Malaysia ID, we will let you in on a little more details. You may also create your own agent IDs and there is no limit to how many IDs you would want to create. The agent IDs that you create can also help you to earn money because you may set the position taking to probably 10% and the rest you leave it for your downline to set their own position taking.

However, if you set the position taking to 10% for your downline, this means that your downline is only left with 40% to play with. The agent ID will not have more than 40% if you set the position taking on his ID to 10%. For your players, you may create as many player IDs you want. If you have a hundred players, you may create one hundred player IDs. You may also suspend or deactivate their accounts if they do not make a payment to you or if they request to immediately stop their account.

918Kiss Agent Malaysia ID – Recommend To Your Friends

For those of you out there who want to be an agent of 918Kiss Malaysia but you are finding it hard to get players, why don’t you try recommending 918Kiss Casino to your friends? It’s much easier to establish something with your friends as they will surely support you in what you do. Just make sure they pay on time so that you can make a payment to the company without a burden. If there is a debt, be sure that you chase after that debt because if you don’t, you’ll have to bear the debt to the company.

Another important note here is that make sure you only recommend the 918Kiss Casino to your close friends. If it’s a friend of a friend, be sure to collect cash first before setting up an account for them because if they lose, they might just run away with your debt and you’ll end up with a bad debt or loss. A wise man once said that “you may look at a report and it might state that you earned a lot but failed to collect the cash means that you have earned nothing.”


We have already listed all of the benefits of getting the 918Kiss Agent Malaysia ID, so why not get one for yourself today? The best part is that we are giving the 918Kiss Agent Malaysia ID for free. You don’t have to pay for anything if you want to be an agent. In addition, you’ll be able to make tons of money if you are an agent. Just set your position taking to the maximum of 50% and you will earn half of everything your players lose. As long as you have players who are willing to play under your 918Kiss Agent Malaysia ID, you’ll definitely make money. Just be sure to collect cash when they want to create an account with you or top up some credit.

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