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918Kiss Agent | 918Kiss Kiosk | Earn Commission From 918Kiss Casino

918Kiss Agent

Be an agent of 918Kiss Casino today and earn money not just by playing, get the commission money! You can now register as an official 918Kiss agent here with us. The only requirement is that you’ll need to be a member of 918Kiss Malaysia. Registration as a member is free here. Once you are the official 918Kiss agent, you can earn money in two special ways, by playing and using our strategies as well as get your commission if your friends play at 918Kiss Casino. By being the 918Kiss agent, you stand a chance to earn up to RM20,000 in just one month! We will explain the details below.

918Kiss Agent – Benefits

If you are not the 918Kiss agent, you should get it right away because there are so many things you can do with it. There is even a special login site that you can use to log in to your 918Kiss agent ID. Not to mention, you’ll have an opportunity to make good money by earning the commission if your player plays at 918Kiss Casino. With the 918Kiss agent ID, you’ll be able to create player accounts and you can control your player accounts. There will be options for you to choose from such as top-up credit for your player, suspend a player, add a new player, set position taking on your player accounts and many more.

918Kiss Agent ID

If you already have the 918Kiss agent ID but you don’t know how to log in to it, you can always refer here. Just open up your google chrome app or safari app and key in at the URL bar and search for this site. This is the official 918Kiss agent login site and once you are on that site, you will be able to notice the username and password section, the login button and language selection. Fill in your username and password then select your preferred language. After that, click on the login button. You will now be in the 918Kiss agent site.


Now, we are up for the main event which is the fight. The fight is a jargon used by the 918Kiss agent and it means position taking. Position taking is whereby you will be able to set a percentage to fight against a player. Example, if you set 10% position taking and your player plays for RM1,000 and losses it all, you will earn RM100 from that amount. It depends on the percentage of position taking that you set and the amount that your player plays for. However, if he plays for RM1,000 and wins RM1,000, you’ll need to pay him RM100. In a situation, if you are worried that he plays too big of an amount, you may always set a lower position taking a percentage.


For those of you that just started out as agents, you’ll be wondering where can you find players to play under your 918Kiss agent ID account, right? Here’s a simple way to get players. You may start out by asking your close friends. See which of your friends like playing at 918Kiss Casino and ask them to switch over to your side. Next, ask your friends to tell their friends. In a few days time, you’ll have at least 10 players under you. Soon enough, you’ll be thinking of how much percentage should you set for position taking because there will be too many players under you. Here’s a friendly suggestion, just set the maximum position taking a percentage of 50% for every player in your account. That’s the fastest way you’ll make money.


There’s nothing to think about in getting the 918Kiss agent ID. Register today and get the 918Kiss agent ID then start recruiting players to play under your account. Not to mention, you’ll also be able to open up agent downline for yourself if you have friends who want to be an agent too! In fact, get started today and if you are already a member, just click on the Live Chat bar and request for the 918Kiss agent ID. If you don’t have any players today, you may create an account for yourself to play and make money with our proven winning strategies.

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