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918Kiss 3.0 | 918Kiss Hack | Awesome Way To Hack 918Kiss Casino

918Kiss 3.0

The latest version of 918Kiss Casino is available now! You may get the 918Kiss 3.0 app right here. Just ask our friendly customer service agent for the official 918Kiss Download link and she will gladly assist you. There are so many ways to hack the 918Kiss Casino but what’s the most effective way and also in which way will you not get caught? I will help you out on this issues later on. But for now, have you gotten the latest version of the 918Kiss app yet? Well, if you haven’t, please get to the Live Chat bar and request for the 918Kiss 3.0 app right now! You might even be able to redeem the 918Kiss free credit if it’s still available.

918Kiss 3.0 Hack

You can get the 918Kiss 3.0 hack online. Try searching for 918Kiss Hack at Google and you will be able to pick from the list shown. There are plenty of hacks out there. I would advice you to pick the hack for the 918Kiss slot games. This is the most valuable hack out there because the slot games have payouts beyond your wildest imagination. For as little as RM1 bet per spin, you may win up to RM1000. Plus, with the 918Kiss Hack, it’s much easier for you to get in to the free spin bonus round of the slot games. Not to mention, you will frequently get the free spin bonus rounds too! The 918Kiss Hack software for the slot games would be the best pick for you.

918Kiss 3.0: Ways To Use The 918Kiss Hack

After downloading the 918Kiss Hack software for the slot games, all you have to do is just follow my instructions. It’s pretty easy and simple. Switch on your hack, then start playing the slot games. You may use the hack on any of the slot games in 918Kiss Casino. But my advice here is that you pick a slot game that you like because you will know all about the payouts and symbols of that particular slot game that you choose. Okay, now for the tricky part.

Let’s say you have already switched on the 918Kiss Hack and selected the slot game that you want to play. Start spinning the reels, or you may also click on the Autospin button. When you finally get the free spin bonus round, instantly press the menu button on your phone. Meaning to say, you are forcing to exit the app. But let the app run. Do not clear the 918Kiss App from your running apps setting. Leave your phone on and idle it for 5 minutes.

Do not attempt to lock your screen and also prevent it from auto locking the screen. After 5 minutes, click on the 918Kiss App and continue with your game. You will notice a significant increase in your credit balance. Due to this trick that not many people know, the 918Kiss game software will lose its payout calculation and automatically pay you more than the usual payout. If you don’t believe me, try this technique out and you will notice the difference. Share this with your friends and help them get rich too!

918Kiss 3.0: Another Way To Hack 918Kiss

Let me just say that this technique that I’m about to tell you is not as effective as the first technique. Let’s get started. Log in to the 918Kiss App, then select the 918Kiss Baccarat game. Once you have selected the game, the app will then load the game. While it’s loading, immediately switch to another app. It doesn’t matter which app you switch to but make sure you are completely out of the game.

Do it for 8 times. Now, on the 9th time, let it load and start playing the game. Your third hand will always be a winning hand. You may try this out but you will not get rich from this as the maximum bet is only RM1000 for this game. Make sure that on your third hand, bet the maximum of RM1000. This is very important as it is your winning hand.

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